Personalized treatment with a combination of a specific cream, serum and food supplements


What does DNA mean?

DeoxyriboNucleic Acid

It is the molecule that carries the entire genetic coding in all living things, i.e. the instructions necessary for the development of the organism and its functions.


The EAUVOIR products contain only natural and biotechnological ingredients, and each type has been developed by Genomed in collaboration with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, based on scientific research on the genomic analysis of human DNA in more than 8,500 people during the last 14 years.

Categories of specialized EAUVOIR products:

  • Specialized Face creams
  • Specialized Face serums
  • Specialized Food supplements
  • Specialized Hair Shampoo
  • Specialized Hair Lotion

44,000 combinations of specialized products to cover all needs of your skin based on your DNA test results.

Why are EAUVOIR products different from other products?

Why are EAUVOIR products different from other products. All EAUVOIR products are based on scientific research and on active healing biotechnological ingredients. Each active ingredient is proven through scientific and clinical research to improve the quality and health of the skin, while reducing signs of ageing. The EAUVOIR treatment is a truly personalized treatment, as we can produce 44,000 different combinations of EAUVOIR products depending on the genomic footprint.